Many years ago I walked out along the sea wall from Blakeney as it zigzags its way out towards the sea and then snakes its way inland again towards Cley. A mile or so into this walk I stopped and squinted through the haze at a tiny speck on the flat landscape sticking out like a single tiny square on the vast horizon.

The little speck turned out to be The Watch House, standing proudly on the shingle; the only brick building for miles around. Its isolation intrigued me. Who could live there? Why no neighbours? Who would want to live in such desolate but beautiful solitude?

It turns out to be a Victorian-era customs lookout post to thwart Norfolk coast smugglers, and despite its rough edges it stands as defiantly today as it ever did. I visited it several times on recent occasions to photograph its exterior before curiosity to experience its interior spaces almost drove me insane and I located the trust which maintains and protects this wonderful little house.

I eventually got to stay there and these images represent some of the lonely highs and lows of my time spent there and the magnificent beauty and raw natural wilderness of Blakeney Point.