I was recently commissioned to create a large composite image of Elijah, a maltster who once plied his trade at The Cut, during the years that the building operated as a maltings for the brewing industry within the small market town of Halesworth in Suffolk.

The wall-sized mural created was pieced together from a number of sources, old press prints of the barley raking floor (lit by harsh flash lighting) and a softly-lit daylight b&w print of Elijah himself, clearly shown but in a completely different environment and lighting. The task here was to join everything up convincingly in Photoshop to create the large mural showing Elijah at work, and to illuminate the wider historical significance and role the maltings played in East Anglia between the 18th – 20th centuries.

Images within the series below show work in progress as well as the completed artwork installed in The Malt Experience on the gallery floor of The Cut.

Elijah lives on, his work made visible to visitors who come to The Cut, and appreciate the rich heritage and history of the buildings original purpose, now a regional theatre, gallery and popular community arts centre.